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Academic and Research survey

Jun 22, 2020

Research and innovation are critical for the development of any country, and Universities and Research institutions play a key role in accelerating this process.

Many countries, and, in particular the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have identified the need to shorten the process of product innovation and the time to market them at competitive prices among the top challenges facing the national industrial sector.

In order to enable this rapid innovation, there is a need to increase students and researchers’ technical skills.

The National Industrial Development & Logistics Program for KSA, specifically cites “Future industrial development in the Kingdom needs a new approach based on speeding up innovation to preserve thecurrent characteristics and creating new ones by supporting technical innovation and developing a national RDI ecosystem, and mobilizing the human capital.”

Several weeks ago, we surveyed over five thousand people in the most important universities and research institutions in the Middle East, and our findings confirm that institutions feel the need to improve their programs and technologies to prepare their students for challenges such as Industry 4.0 research, including fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics or drone engineering.


You can access the full report of the survey here:

R&D and innovation
strategies will be the driving force to make companies and countries competitive in the world of Industry 4.0.

Key areas for research include:

  • Autonomous vehicles and drones
  • Renewable energy, smart grid
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Aerospace Research
  • 5G and Telecommunications
  • Industry 4.0

We work with a global network of partners that lead the technology innovation in all these fields. For more information on how we can help your institution become ready for the innovative research needed today, you can contact us here or send an email to and we will get back to you.