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Improve Your Production and Energy Efficiency With Smart Condition Monitoring

Aug 24, 2021

In the manufacturing world, maximizing production and energy efficiency are key goals for any business. While regular maintenance schemes and trained technicians are paramount to ensure the correct functioning of machinery, modern smart condition monitoring systems have become critical for the timely identification of underperforming devices. With state-of-the-art measuring instruments, CBM systems are able to quickly identify faulty parts and help you optimize the purchasing of required spares.

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Improve Your Production and Energy Efficiency With Smart Condition Monitoring

Detecting Defects Earlier With the Help of Technology

With more and more companies implementing different smart condition monitoring systems, the benefits of regular condition monitoring have become evident in the manufacturing sector. When a common defect such as excessive vibration due to a worn bearing is identified by technicians, this usually happens after the damage has already resulted in additional repair and downtime costs. With precise measuring devices, CBM systems can quickly identify sub-optimal performance before it translates into more complex issues.

Fixing defects at an early stage does not only result in lower costs related to downtime and spare parts but also in staff-related expenses. Take the previous example of a machine exhibiting excessive vibration: while a smart condition monitoring system could identify the problem early on and call the attention of a technician to replace the worn bearing, the issue could cause severe damage to other machinery if identified too late, requiring more specialized technical assistance.

Precise Measuring Instruments for More Efficient Manufacturing

Regardless of which branch of the manufacturing sector your business belongs to, chances are you have encountered situations in which the lack of timely identification of a faulty machine has led to significant operational costs. Without continuous monitoring, regular maintenance can only ensure the correct functioning of your machinery to a limited extent. While certainly requiring initial investments, CBM systems are the industry’s long-term solution to reduce operational downtime, accurately identify any required spare parts, and reduce the workload of in-site personnel.

Being able to identify minor issues at an early stage is something that can only be achieved with the help of precise instruments, sensors, and advanced pieces of software capable of analyzing the obtained data, understanding the root causes of a given issue, and proposing solutions. During the implementation phase of any smart condition maintenance system, companies must identify the parts that are most likely to fail and establish normal performance parameters for the CBM software to detect any anomalies.

Results That Can Be Measured by Key Performance Indicators

While it might be easy to understand how smart condition monitoring systems can prevent small defects from growing into costly failures, manufacturing companies understandably need more than just a concept to begin thinking about the implementation of these programs in their machinery. The great thing about CBM programs is that their efficiency is backed by data and specific KPIs such as the Mean Time to Implement (MTTI), referring to the time elapsed between the identification and the resolution of a defect.

When implemented correctly, CBM systems can lead to a significant improvement of the MTTI indicators of a given manufacturing company, as they alert maintenance teams of issues as soon as any minimal discrepancy is detected by their precise sensors and instruments. In the long run, smart monitoring programs allow businesses to improve the IPF curves of their machinery in a way that can be measured and evaluated with the help of data obtained directly from the CBM software.

From Manufacturing Plants to Smart Factories

In a world where innovation is the key to competitiveness, any technological advance that can improve the effectiveness of your manufacturing processes in a cost-efficient way is a worthwhile investment. With the help of smart monitoring systems, more and more manufacturing facilities worldwide are becoming true smart factories, relying on advanced software and state-of-the-art measuring devices to continuously monitor the performance of each machine. For maintenance teams, this means a shift of focus towards more punctual, proactive solutions.

If you are looking for options to implement smart monitoring systems in your business, contact us at SAABS RDS. We have offices in the United States, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia and have helped some of the most renowned manufacturing companies in these countries become smarter and more efficient with the help of CBM programs.