Webinar: Platforms for Autonomous Vehicles

and Self-driving Cars Research

Is your research group looking to jumpstart autonomous robotics research programs and be productive in a very short amount of time? We will show you in action a platform that will help you achieve your research goals quickly through features such as onboard computing, data acquisition, on board sensors and vision. You will be able to test and validate your artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms on a 1/10 scale model car to accelerate, expand, and sustain self-driving research.

Date: Monday, August 17th

Time (KSA):  5 pm – 6 pm

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About the Presenters

Mr. Ralph SAAB is the VP and co-founder of SAAB RDS, equipped with over 20 years’ experience in the industrial and academic engineering advisory and consultancies in the Gulf and MENA countries. Along his career Ralph worked with most of the universities and research centers in the region for establishing several centers of excellence, capacity building centers, certifications programs and accreditation education curriculums.

Thuvishan Rajagulasingam is the Territory Manager at Quanser Inc, a leader in real-time control and mechatronics solutions for education and research, where Thuvishan develops regional partnerships with universities and distributors from across the globe. For over 3 years, Thuvishan has worked with numerous reputable universities in more than 15 different countries to modernize their engineering education, while developing and implementing company’s strategy for international business development. Thuvishan holds a B. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering, specialized in Mechatronics Systems from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Canada.