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Aerospace and Defense

Aerospace applications are characterized by high complexity, especially with digital transformation being now a fundamental requirement for companies to succeed. Trust our expertise to help you make the most of your test data in every aerospace application.

Proven Test Strategies For Aerospace Applications

From test solutions to maintaining functional operations deployed in the field, we work with global leading companies like NI (National Instruments) or PTC to help you make the best technology investment decisions and ensure system performance, maintenance optimization and staff training for the most effective operation of your applications in the Aerospace and Defense area.

At AEC, my team has worked on developing test solutions for production line automation. We find that using NI software platforms has been one of the keys to sucess, since they are quick to learn, are very user-friendly and they support a high range of hardware device, both from NI and other third-parties.
NI’s Authorized Partner in KSA, SAAB RDS has been very cooperative and supportive in the collaboration with me and my team, which has led to have many sucessful projects.

Mohamed Aljabr

Senior Test Engineer, SAMI Advanced Electronics


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