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We deliver cutting-edge sustainable solutions that boost industrial productivity, academic and research performance, and we provide tailored programs that upskill and reskill the digital economy workforce in the Middle East and Africa.

Our proven solution methodology is based on world-class innovation ecosystems.

Our approach is vendor-agnostic and value driven.

Our Services

SAAB RDS Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

A properly designed and implemented digital journey Delivers Sustainable Productivity that pays for itself.

SAAB RDS Digital Transformation

Maintenance and Reliability

Proactive workflows, predictive maintenance and operations excellence practices that cut costs and increase uptime.
SAAB RDS Digital Transformation

Capacity Building

We are here to help you realize this potential through off-the-shelf and custom training programs and curriculum.

SAAB RDS Digital Transformation

Business Development & Consulting

We help companies realize sustainable and profitable business growth through effective and efficient sales & marketing planning and execution.


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6 Digital Transformation Trends Leading the Way in 2021

6 Digital Transformation Trends Leading the Way in 2021

The Internet, smartphones, and data science were already shrinking the world before the pandemic hit. But it definitely accelerated the adoption of existing digital tools and the development of new ones. With workforces worldwide suddenly adept at operating virtually both professionally and personally, technology that once seemed novelty has become a necessity. The economic inertia created in this level of shift makes now an excellent time to revisit digital transformation trends and how they will affect future business life.

5 Signs Your Organization Needs Digital Transformation Consulting

5 Signs Your Organization Needs Digital Transformation Consulting

The future of business is entirely digital. However, many companies today have yet to achieve a complete transition into digital space. Whether it’s because of outdated technology, antiquated government rules, or simply a culture of doing things “the traditional way”, numerous businesses are far from reaching full digitalization. If you’re not sure where your business stands, consider these warning signs that call for digital transformation consulting.

5 Benefits of Digital Transformation for Smart Manufacturing

5 Benefits of Digital Transformation for Smart Manufacturing

Digital transformation is sweeping the manufacturing world by storm, and there's compelling reason for this: it allows factories and manufacturers to streamline their systems and deliver greater value to their clients. It also cuts back on overhead, increases revenue,...

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