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We deliver cutting-edge sustainable solutions that boost industrial productivity, academic and research performance, and we provide tailored programs that upskill and reskill the digital economy workforce in the Middle East and Africa.

Our proven solution methodology is based on world-class innovation ecosystems.

Our approach is vendor-agnostic and value driven.

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SAAB RDS Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

A properly designed and implemented digital journey Delivers Sustainable Productivity that pays for itself.

SAAB RDS Digital Transformation

Maintenance and Reliability

Proactive workflows, predictive maintenance and operations excellence practices that cut costs and increase uptime.
SAAB RDS Digital Transformation

Capacity Building

We are here to help you realize this potential through off-the-shelf and custom training programs and curriculum.

SAAB RDS Digital Transformation

Business Development & Consulting

We help companies realize sustainable and profitable business growth through effective and efficient sales & marketing planning and execution.


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Augmented Reality for Industrial Use Cases

Augmented Reality for Industrial Use Cases

Augmented reality, or AR for short, is quickly becoming a vital tool in industrial organizations. This futuristic technology has become much more accessible in recent years, to the point where even small and medium-sized businesses are looking to implement it in their operations. Is augmented reality really necessary for industrial companies, or is it a short-term fad that will fade out? We’re going to examine how industrial businesses are using augmentation today.

How to Identify and Address the Roadblocks to Digital Transformation in Your Company

How to Identify and Address the Roadblocks to Digital Transformation in Your Company

Every business should make it their top priority to achieve a full digital transformation. You should be able to capture data at every point in your processes, analyze that data to gain insights into your company, and automate as much as possible. Going digital makes your company more agile and able to adapt to changing circumstances. However, there are many obstacles that could stand in your way. Learn to spot and overcome them, and how digital transformation services can help.

Why Aerospace and Defense Must Commit to Digital Transformation

Why Aerospace and Defense Must Commit to Digital Transformation

Most modern tech companies were built upon a digital foundation. However, manufacturing has long fallen behind in this regard. Due to its emergence before the rise of big data and advanced computing power, few aerospace and defense industry companies have succeeded in going fully digital. Nevertheless, those that have done so find themselves reaping great rewards today. Fortunately, it’s not too late for your company to catch up. Every business can achieve a digital transformation with the right tools.

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