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We want to be a trusted partner in your technology journey. We are an unconventional technology advisor and solution provider that builds and orchestrates world-class innovation ecosystems to solve complex problems. Our solution methodology is highly differentiated, customer defined, vendor agnostic, and value driven.


We deliver cutting-edge sustainable productivity solutions to industry, bridge the gap between industry and academia, and provide tailored programs that develop the next generation IT leaders of the Middle East.



Your journey is our journey. We are committed to your success along the innovation path.


We know you are running a business, but everything is better with a human touch!


We pride ourselves in our high professional standards and we uncompromisingly adherence to our ethical principles and values.


We are passionate about turning ideas into a reality that satisfies our customers’ expectations and needs.

A word from our CEO

Rodrigue Saab
Chairman and CEO

SAAB Research & Development Systems focuses on providing solutions designed to ensure your company becomes a Market Leader.

  • Do you need to provide your students with the most modern engineering and technology education solutions, including e-learning options? We can help.
  • Do you need to accelerate your research project with the latest emerging technologies like IIoT, Cloud, Big Data, Industry 4.0, and Smart Manufacturing? We can help.
  • Do you need a partner to walk with you towards Digital Transformation and get your company ready for Industry 4.0? We can help.
  • Do you need full testing capabilities for your applications in the aerospace, medical or any other market? We can help.
  • Do you need to accelerate your innovation cycle and get your products to market faster with a smaller team? We can help

With new technologies constantly emerging for example for IIoT and Operational Excellence, and the large number of software vendors with similar and constantly-evolving offerings in the marketplace today, we know defining a technology that is right for your operations can be very challenging. We are a team of sound technology experts and we want to be your trusted partner in this journey: from advising on your technology buying decision to deploying the full system, including training your team and delivering support services.

We are here for you, so let’s talk!

The team

Meet our core team of professional experts!

Rodrigue Saab

Rodrigue Saab

President & CEO

Ralph Saab

Ralph Saab

Co-Founder, VP of Sales

Elena Ríos

Elena Ríos

Chief Marketing Officer

Michael Abdallah

Michael Abdallah

Area Sales Manager

Loulwa Reda

Loulwa Reda

Operations & MarCom Coordinator