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Industry 4.0 / IoT Testbed

The Industrial IOT laboratory stand is designed to test, validate, benchmark and verify new technologies and architectures related to the industrial internet of things in the laboratory to validate scientific theories, algorithms and tools before using them in actual industrial applications. The solution consists of industry-ready IT/OT technologies and combines data acquisition, analytics, edge computing, and software technology platforms. This cutting-edge platform is ideal for digital capability development and innovation centers, as well as academic teaching and research institutions

Featured Technologies of IoT Testbed

  • Digital Twins, Augmented Reality for enterprise and Virtual Realities
  • Analytics
  • Signal Processing
  • Filtering, feature extraction
  • Classification, Modeling
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Sensors and Measurements
  • Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Signal Conditioning, Data acquisition and Data management
  • Predictive maintenance and machine condition monitoring
  • Deep edge compute and remote systems management
  • Machine to machine communication protocol for industrial automation
Industry 4.0 / IoT Testbed

Key Features

  • Sensor input and feature extraction with on-asset data acquisition (featuring Intel Atom processors)
  • Mechanical faults Diagnostics and Prognostics on bearing, seal, and impeller failures
  • Remaining usable life (RUL) calculation for the isolated component
  • Augmented Reality for enterprise to assist on-site troubleshooting and repair
  • Deep compute at the edge with converged IoT systems (featuring Intel Xeon processors)