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Systems Engineering and Integration

We will help you design, develop, and deliver your customized application, addressing both the technical and business requirements of the system. From working with you on the specification of your system requirements, to designing, implementing, validating, deploying and maintaining the systems, we manage the complexity of technology integration to achieve a smooth-functioning solution customized to your needs. We want to be your partner and walk with you along the way.

How do we do Systems Engineering and Integration?

We have a strong global network and ecosystem of partners that support the development once we have designed requirements with you. We leverage off standard technologies and commercial off the shelf systems to build advanced customized solutions that corresponds to clients’ needs.

Our solutions cover a wide spectrum of applications in industrial monitoring and control; inspection and grading, test automation, and supervisory control and data acquisition, in military and civil sectors.

We provide you with Certified LabVIEW developers, either at your premises or from our offices at your selection depending on your needs.

Example applications we have expertise in:

Industrial Measurement & Control

Comprehensive architecture that can be customized to any client requirements. Elements of the full architecture include:

  • Main Control Center
  • Controller, Bus and I/O system
  • Communication and Network

Energy – Smart Grid

  • Meter Data Unification System, Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • Electric Power System: Power Quality Analyzer with Phasor Measurement Capability
  • Embedded Power Nodes (EPN) are measurement and control devices used to monitor low voltage grid stress points.

Automated Test Stations

High reliability systems that are required to run tests unattended on multiple units continuously for long periods of time.

See how top customers like Jordan Petroleum Refinery or the National Electric Power Company have successfully implemented customized solutions for applications such as Secure Drilling, Multiple Distributed Monitoring and Control System, Meter logging, Reporting, and Alarming Application, a Wire Rope Tension Test Bed or a Monitoring and Control system for OHL & Underground Cable Protection Equipment.