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Electrical and Mechanical Systems

Every aerospace and defense vehicle, aircraft, and asset relies on a high number of electrical and mechanical subsystems that must work in perfect synchrony with each another. These components must be put through a complete set of tests and simulations to ensure reliable operation across all mission scenarios. These subsystems need to evolve to meet the needs of future missions, and the approach to test them and integrate them in the system must evolve accordingly.

Board Electronics

With a wide set of modules to cover analog, digital, and avionics communications busses you can automate measurements and analyze data quickly across design, parametric validation, and functional test with software-centric COTS hardware.

Line Replaceable Units and Control Units 

Perform multiple types of model integration, rapid control prototyping, and digital communication test. Combined with modular COTS hardware, you can create powerful and maintainable test systems with software-controlled real/ simulated component switching and fault insertion.

Mechanical Systems

Perform life cycle or durability tests more efficiently with quick integration and synchronization of sensors, signal conditioning, and actuation systems on a flexible and open platform. 


Create high channel count distributed measurement systems with tight synchronization. Design high-performance structural test systems on an open vendor platform with little to no programming required.

Electrical and mechanical systems