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Academic Teaching

Universities and Engineering schools need to engage students through a top-level hands-on learning experience, both in the classroom and, now more than ever, remotely. The ability to offer students labs that are accessible remotely has become a top priority in our world.

We can help you design a complete solution for your training and lab needs, where your students will be using widely adopted platforms in industry for their everyday practice.

We work with best-in-class partners to provide you with the best solutions for an optimized learning experience in every engineering field, such as robotics, communications and navigation, circuits, and electronics.

Below are just a few highlights; contact us for a full assessment of your needs and solutions available.

Energy of the future | Energy 4.0

Along with technological development and the birth of Industry 4.0 the world needs better educated people. The traditional educational methods and approaches are no longer effective and do not provide the required knowledge and expertise to future specialists. The educational trainers should be transformed from a fixed, static trainer into open, flexible and software defined platforms.

Energy of the future - Energy 4.0 Integration

Power Labs Ecosystem as Engineering Remote Labs

iLab (the Internet of Laboratory Trainers) is a revolutionary concept of bringing the digital transformation into education. We designed this platform to lift the education to the new level and tackle the new challenges of distance learning. The iLab makes it possible to do engineering labs through internet, and in order to make this process even more deductive it incorporates other higher technologies like ThingWorx for IIoT and Vuforia Studio for Augmented Reality from PTC. With AR features it allows students to virtually bring the educational trainers from classroom to their homes.

Bitlismen’s Power Labs Ecosystem comes to fulfill these needs. It is an ecosystem of energy related trainer/platforms which are designed to be open, flexible, expandable, reconfigurable and reprogrammable. The trainers have two parts software and hardware. The software is implemented using LabVIEW graphical programming language with an open-source codes. The hardware includes a reprogrammable NI myRIO platform for data acquisition, power analysis, monitoring and control. We can provide on-site installation assistance and training, so the students and professors can fully understand the trainer hardware and software structure and do further modifications if needed.
In addition to the Power Labs Ecosystem product family our company introduces the ENERGY OF THE FUTURE | ENERGY 4.0 Ideology. Within it, we provide the integration with 4 leading industrial technologies:

• Augmented Reality
• Artificial Intelligence
• Industrial IoT
• Mixed Power Microgrids

Power Labs Ecosystem as Engineering Remote Labs - SAAB RDS
Power Labs Ecosystem as Engineering Remote Labs - SAAB RDS

Controls and Mechatronics

Now more than ever, students need to be prepared for multidisciplinary problems in automotive, aerospace, and Internet of Things application. This requires a project-based approach for controls, sensors, actuators, and mechatronics systems.

We work with the best-in-class academic players to help you have a full Hands-On Approach to Teaching Controls.

Robotics’ training and lab solution

  • With QLabs Robotics, you can leverage a solution that is the ideal platform to teach a robotics course off-campus by providing students with their own open and customizable manipulator and mobile robot. From mobile to manipulator robotics, the QLabs Robotics virtual systems give students an opportunity to learn and experience the world of modern robotics – whether they are in lecture halls, labs, or living rooms.
  • Robotic Arms: DOBOT offers a wide range of robotic arms that allow you to unleash your students’ creativity, from K12 to university teaching and research. DOBOT Magician, for example, is a multifunctional desktop robotic arm for practical training education and research. It comes with different end-tools, so that it can perform functions such as 3D printing, laser engraving, writing and drawing. It supports secondary development by 13 extensible interfaces and over 20 programming languages. DOBOT Magician is low cost, small size, and easy operation, which allows every student to practice on their own. It improves the teaching efficiency dramatically. It can be controlled by Programming, APP, Bluetooth, WiFi, Mouse, and more.


SAAB RDS Robotics training and lab solution
Power Labs Ecosystem as Engineering Remote Labs - SAAB RDS

Teaching Electrical Engineering

Worldwide Universities adopt Digilent Educational Solutions

Professors at University of Massachusetts Lowell, Columbia University, Texas A&M University and other universities around the world have already successfully implemented curricula based around the Analog Discovery 2 and Analog Discovery Studio.

Due to recent school closures, University of Massachusetts Lowell has moved to an entirely online effort based on Analog Discovery 2 labs, where students work on their own. They have found that students using these labs were more engaged, had better laboratory scores, and saw an increase of 2% in final grades with no negative impact.

Read the paper “Active Learning: Improving Student Learning using Portable Computer-Based-Test-Equipment,” where Dr. Mihaela Radu and Dr. Mircea Dabacan discuss the use of the Analog Discovery from Digilent as a means of increasing experiential learning for engineering students, and proves with results that this approach works.

Teaching Measurements and Instrumentation

Acquiring and automating measurements is a key engineering skill to build an understanding of signal processing, data acquisition, and sampling theory. The right platform allows students to visualize and analyze the performance of engineering projects and systems. For that, you need to offer your students a hands-on approach to teaching measurement concepts.

Power Labs Ecosystem as Engineering Remote Labs - SAAB RDS

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