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ATE Systems

Automated test equipment and a fully integrated test program are critical to meet your current and future electronic and electromechanical test needs. Keeping test systems up to date ensures a future of uninterrupted testing, and, in order to achieve that, you must integrate test into the design cycle from the beginning.

Basing test systems on commercial off-theshelf (COTS) technology offloads the burden of part maintenance and obsolescence management so you can use your expertise to produce state-of-the-art aerospace and
defense assets instead of building custom test rack components.

These universal ATE systems allow you to cover both mechanical and electronic component tests, with a tailored test solution that is industry-standard, upgradable, modular and open.

Reduce Test and Repair Cost: System and Data Management reduce the operational costs of ageing test equipment through distributed system and data management strategies. Additionally, we offer a full range of services, such as calibration, extended warranty, short time repair or replacement, that help you optimize the test system life cycle.

Automated Test Equipment - Rack