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PXI-based Systems

PXI systems are the standard for automated test and automated measurement. This technology from our global partner NI allow you to achieve high accuracy, high productivity, and higher speeds with.

NI is the PXI industry leader, providing high-performance modular instruments and other I/O modules with specialized synchronization and key software features for test and measurement applications, whether you need to develop device validation applications or a full automated production test.

PXI-based Systems

Why choose PXI?


PXI is the industry open standard, so you can augment your system with specialty modules from up to 60 other vendors.


PXI hardware incorporates powerful multicore processors, FPGAs, and other technology to increase measurement range and performance.


PXI’s architecture makes it possible to synchronize measurements across multiple modules or multiple chassis, so you can add to your systems as requirements change.


PXI offers some of the highest frequency and accuracy specifications, so you can ensure your test systems deliver the production test results you need.

Components of a PXI System

PXI systems are composed of three main hardware components: Chassis, controller, and modules. Everything is orchestrated with a system software that is reconfigurable and customizable.

1. Chassis

The chassis is comparable to a desktop PC’s mechanical enclosure and motherboard. It provides power, cooling, and a communication bus to the system, and supports multiple instrumentation modules within the same enclosure. PXI uses commercial PC-based PCI and PCI Express bus technology with key timing and synchronization features. Chassis range in size from four to 18 slots to fit the needs of any application, whether you require a portable, benchtop, rack-mount, or embedded system.

2. Controller

PXI controllers are either integrated or remote. Integrated controllers allow you to run your PXI system without an external PC, while remote controllers let you control your PXI system from desktops, laptops, or server computers.

3. Modules

We can provide more than 600 PXI modules that acquire data, trigger and synchronize devices, generate and route signals, and make a variety of measurements ranging from DC to mmWave. Also, the PXI portfolio includes modular instruments—such as oscilloscopes and digital multimeters—that can replace traditional box instruments and with which you can integrate PXI switches in a variety of topologies. Because PXI is an open industry standard, nearly 1,500 products are available from more than 70 different instrument vendors.

Some of the most commonly used modules are:

Digital Multimeters

Analog Output

Waveform Generators

Vector Signal Transceivers

Multifunction I/O

Programmable Power Supply

What PXI Module do you need?

4. Software

The several software options allow you to take quick interactive measurements up to building full validation and production testers.

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5. Services

You will have full support from the moment you start working with your PXI system to ensure the most efficient operation.

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To optimize your PXI system, there are expandable PXI Bundles that combine measurements from different instruments into one system.

Explore available bundles here:


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Moving to a COTS modular hardware approach using PXI and LabVIEW will change your test strategy, translating into dramatical in terms of money and engineering hours.