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Autonomous Vehicles Research Lab

This solution is ideal to build an indoor multi-vehicle research lab in a short amount of time. If you have a robotics research program and need:

  • to be productive in a very short amount of time.
  • Collaboration between multiple vehicle types.
  • Setting up and maintaining a drone fleet.
  • Standardized validation and verification platform to ease development, evaluation and analysis.

Featured Technologies of Autonomous Vehicles Research Lab

  • QDrone (on-board Intel® Aero Compute Board, multiple high resolution cameras and built-in WiFi capability)
  • QBot 2e ground vehicles (innovative open-architecture autonomous ground robot, equipped with a wide range of built-in sensors and a vision system)
  • Ground control station
  • Image processing
  • Safety equipment
Autonomous Vehicles Research Lab


If you need to test and validate dataset generation, mapping, navigation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other advanced self-driving concepts, the Self-Driving Car Research Studio by Quanser is a powerful platform designed specifically for academic research. It features the QCar, an open-architecture, scaled model vehicle ideal for validating most advanced self-driving concepts.