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Communication, Navigation and Surveillance

Modern vehicles and aircraft use a variety of communications systems to transmit and receive voice and mission data for manual, automated, and autonomous flight. NI has solutions for designing, prototyping, and testing everything from cutting edge, modern systems secured for electronic warfare to maintaining operations and mission readiness of legacy transponders.

Secure Communication Networks and Radios

NI’s SDRs enable engineers designing tomorrow’s radio protocols and signals while modular, scalable PXI systems power modern manufacturing, field, and depot test systems.

GNNS and Positioning Systems

NI’s global partners provide test solutions for GPS, Galileo, Beidou, and other positioning transmitters and receivers on a variety of platforms, including aircraft, sea, and handheld systems.

NAVAIDS and Surveillance Transponders

Test and maintain TCAS, ILS, ADS-B systems, and more, with systems built on software-connected NI RF instrumentation.

Communication, Navigation, and Surveillance

Algorithm Design and Prototyping

Radio frequency test equipment that includes FPGAs and digital signal processing enables fast design iteration and simulation of mission-critical communication innovations.

Record and Playback

Stream and record accurate and complete radio and environmental data with up to 1 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth in the PXI instrumentation platform.

Manufacturing and Maintenance Test

Ensure quality and reliability and diagnose and repair issues with low-cost, high-throughput PXI test systems.