Intelligent Online Condition Monitoring

Online condition monitoring technologies help find, diagnose, and prioritize problems from manufacturing lines through preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance techniques. Asset health monitoring allows for increased manufacturing uptime, since identifying the smallest changes can help discover important common equipment failure modes. This translates into less operation costs, optimized repair and spare parts management and a higher productivity even with smaller teams.

In the Oil and Gas Industry, for example, companies applying best practices for condition monitoring have reported a 50% decrease in maintenance costs.

Nowadays, these techniques need to be connected with IT systems as part of a digital transformation experience, Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), or Industry 4.0 program.

Featured Technologies

  • Data Acquisition and Analysis: remote analysis of waveform data.
  • Condition Indicators.
  • All type of sensors.
  • Alerts.
  • Predictive Analytics.

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