Engineering Remote Labs

E-learning solutions and the ability to experiment with real hardware remotely have become a necessity for universities and engineering colleges. We can help you provide your engineering students a full hardware experience through virtual labs for most type of labs: controls, robotics, electronics, mechanical…

If you already have an equipped lab, we can help you make it remote leveraging your current investment.

We work with best-in-class partners to help you make the transition to a full remote lab experience.


Featured technologies might include:

  • Servo motor control
  • Aerospace Control and Dynamics
  • Inverted pendulum control
  • Digital Twin
  • Robotic Manipulator control

Electrical Engineering Online Courses for Engineering Remote Labs

If you are faced with the need to turn your EE courses online, read on. We want to make sure you feel confident and empowered that using the right products will make this transition much easier for you.

Engineering Remote Labs SAAB RDS EE Online courses

For example, the Digilent Academic Program targets Electrical and Computer Engineering programs across the world. The program enables universities to gain access to the latest technologies from Digilent and other technology partners. Digilent products have special discounted pricing for qualified academic customers. Contact us for more information on discounts available for you. 

Other Learning Resources for Engineering Remote Labs

Engineering Remote Labs-eal Analogue Course Solutions

Real Analog for Circuit 1

“Real Analog” is a comprehensive collection of free educational materials equivalent to a university level introductory circuits course, that seamlessly blend hands-on design projects with theoretical concepts and circuit analysis techniques. View

Engineering Remote Labs Teaching Circuits

Introduction to Teaching Circuits

This course teaches the fundamental concepts of circuit theory and analysis. Your students will explore and confirm the behavior of common components and configurations calculation, simulation in Multisim Live, and real-life circuit-building using the NI ELVIS III. View

Engineering Remote Labs - Embedded Systems with PIC32MX370 and Basys MX3

Embedded Systems with PIC32MX370 and Basys MX3

Free and open-source coursework, including 7 in-depth teaching units and 15 complete labs. The Basys MX3 is a versatile MCU trainer board ideal for learning or teaching introductory embedded systems courses. View