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Satellites and Launch Vehicles

Space is the final frontier of exploration and one of the toughest environments for design and test. New industry paradigms are forcing space and satellite organizations to lower the cost and shorten the timelines of launches while still adhering to standarized testing procedures. Commercial partnerships are expanding, launch vehicles are evolving, and payloads are transforming. These dynamics add to the complexity of testing and require organizations to invent new ways to reduce cost while accelerating product delivery. The NI platform empowers you to reuse software and hardware development across programs and teams while providing the flexibility to embrace changing requirements.

Test for Satellites and launch vehicles

Our test capabilities cover a breadth of subsystems across launch vehicles, satellites and ground stations.

Prototype, Design, and Brass Board

Iterate on designs rapidly with digital prototyping, subsystem and payload emulation, and board characterization.

Engineering Models and Flight Hardware

Automate the verification and validation of electronics, RF systems, and control logic, from the components to the complete vehicle.

Integration and Test

Predict and adapt to system and environmental requirements quickly with digital twins, environmental test, and mechanical characterization.

Launch Platform and Ground Support

Reduce risk with a standardized approach to system checkout, launch pad monitoring, mission control, and ground communications.