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NTS Testing and Measuring System

NTS (Non-destructive Testing System) is an industrial measuring and evaluation system for complex, non-contact product inspection, based on the measurement of noise, vibration, magnetic flux and other physical quantities.

NTS main applications

The main use of the NTS system is for the testing of products manufactured in series that have rotating or otherwise moving parts, or produce sounds, as the main physical characteristics the system can test include:

    • Sound pressure level
    • Vibration (acceleration, speed and displacement)
    • Magnetic field
    • Voltage
    • Current
    • Speed
    • Temperatures
    • Torque
    • Electric resistance
SAAB RDS Data Acquisition Systems
SAAB RDS Data Acquisition Systems

Advantages of a Non Destructive Test System

  • Fast contactless end-of-line testing

  • Designed for seamless integration into production lines and test stations

  • Up to dozens of measuring channels for different types of measured signals

  • Easy communication with customer-side systems

  • Stores and exports big data for forensic analysis, traceability, and predictive maintenance

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