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5 Signs Your Organization Needs Digital Transformation Consulting

Jun 29, 2021

5 Signs Your Organization Needs Digital Transformation Consulting

The future of business is entirely digital. However, many companies today have yet to achieve a complete transition into digital space. Whether it’s because of outdated technology, antiquated government rules, or simply a culture of doing things “the traditional way”, numerous businesses are far from reaching full digitalization. If you’re not sure where your business stands, consider these warning signs that call for digital transformation consulting.

5 Signs Your Organization Needs Digital Transformation Consulting

1. Your Workers Are Buried in Paperwork

Business calls for paperwork. It’s an inescapable part of doing business, especially when government agencies are involved or when dealing with other companies that haven’t gone completely digital. However, that doesn’t mean your paperwork has to overwhelm your workers. If your staff is spending hours every day filling out forms or reviewing documents, that’s time that could be spent in better ways.

Digitalization can help you to overcome this problem. By digitizing documents, you can then use artificial intelligence and automation to help you complete them in less time. Digital files can fetch data and automatically populate fields so that all your workers have to do is give the file a quick look and approve it. The time your employees save can then be used to work on more valuable tasks.

2. You Can’t Find the Data You Need

If you struggle to find data, then your digital transformation is probably incomplete. Information management is critical in this day and age. When your employees need data, they should be able to find it quickly without having to search through your files or sift through several folders. The more time your workers spend looking for the information they need the less time they’re working to create value for your enterprise.

Once you digitize all of your data, you can then search for it quickly using more powerful search tools. Retrieving data becomes easy. It also becomes much easier to create backups and protect sensitive information. That latter point is especially important now that many countries and regions have data privacy laws that your business has to follow if they intend on working with consumers in those areas.

3. Customer Support Is Bogged Down

If your customer support is completely dependent on phone calls, you probably need to digitize further. Even if you believe a call centre is the best way to help your customers, you can improve this by using virtual phone systems. Nevertheless, adding other digital means of customer support can benefit your business by reducing the hours spent on the phone.

AI-driven chatbots and automated customer support portals can resolve many common issues. Guided video tutorials can help customers follow complex instructions. When you achieve a complete digital transformation, both the front end and back end of your business become more efficient.

4. Your Downtime Is Unpredictable

Industrial businesses especially struggle to digitize. Machines aren’t like computers, outputting ones and zeros in easy-to-analyze file formats. However, it is possible to collect data from your machines using the latest technology. With that data, you can predict when a part is likely to fail, automate the ordering of replacement parts, and establish more meaningful maintenance schedules. This prevents downtime from popping up unexpectedly and keeps your business running.

A reduction in downtime leads to higher profits, and it frees up your engineers to work on more important projects. Every business can be digitized, it’s just a matter of figuring out how.

5. Plans and Projects Get Stuck

If you’re looking to expand your operations, but continuously find your plans and projects stalling out, this could be a sign that you need to digitize further. In the initial planning phase, better implementation of technology can help you design and visualize your ideas better. Execution becomes problematic when your projects aren’t clearly organized using project management software. Approvals take time but can be sped up when information is available in a virtual environment.

The most successful companies today have embraced their digital future. Don’t be the business that lags behind and gets passed up by others that have fully digitized. A digital transformation consultation can help you identify your weak points and help you to prepare for the future. Contact SAAB RDS to learn more about how we can help your business go digital once and for all.