December webinars by PTC

Dec 11, 2020 | Events

SAAB RDS Cyber Physical Systems
Is delivering higher precision quality, and efficiency your new year’s resolution? Get ready now by watching these upcoming webinars by our partner, PTC, and learn how to drive down costs of poor quality and speed up time to market through change governance. Use augmented reality and Industry 4.0 technologies to eliminate the sources of variation or mitigate their impact and achieve overall improvements to costs, quality and throughput.

Reducing Variability with Industry 4.0

December 15th at 7pm KSA time

Problems in quality, machine downtime, schedule adherence, cost controls and more are usually driven by various sources of variation in the process: learn how to eliminate the sources of variation or mitigate their impact.

VCST’s Smart Factory: Delivering Higher Precision, Quality, and Efficiency

December 16th at 10pm KSA time

Learn about VCST’s progression towards improving OEE and higher quality products through PTC’s IoT, PLM, and AR factory solutions.

The Complete Operational Excellence 4.0 Program

December 29th at 7pm KSA time

How to implement a complete framework combining the Smart Factory with the Lean Factory to drive improvements to costs, quality and throughput..