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IoT in Industrial Manufacturing

Sep 28, 2020

IoT in Industry – The next Industrial Revolution

The world around us is ever changing. The relentless development in information technology has brought numerous changes in all walks of life. The manufacturing industry is no different and it has been significantly impacted by the modern development in automation and IT. The subsequent advent of Internet of Things or IoT is taking over the industrial world like wildfire. All the major industries are trying to upgrade their factories and manufacturing units to take advantage of this new technology. Manufacturing industry is the leading sector for the use of IoT technology. It is outpacing all the other sectors by billions of dollars. Such has been the affect of this technology that it is being dubbed as the next phase of industrial revolution. The following in depth analysis explains why this is the case and why you must not get behind the curve in the context of IoT in industrial manufacturing.

SAAB RDS Industrial Internet of Things

IoT and Industrial Manufacturing

There is a lot of excitement in the industry about the impact IoT will have on the future of manufacturing. So what exactly is this new technology about? In the simplest of terms, IoT, or Internet of Things is just what the name implies; it is a connection of all the machines and equipment in a particular area. In industry, this means that all the equipment in your plant or factory will be interconnected with each other and these devices will be able to communicate with each other to streamline your industrial processes. In doing so, the factories and plants will have better efficiency, better productivity and better quality. Your factory and all its equipment will combine and do the thinking for you. With better products and improved manufacturing efficiency, you will be saving money and increasing your revenue. Another aspect of this increased interconnectivity will be the increased amount of data that will be at your disposal and this data can be used to further enhance your operations and its fluency. This is certainly a win-win situation.

How can you incorporate IoT in your business?

There are numerous aspects to IoT and it is crucial to understand that the use of this technology will require a multi-faceted approach. The digitalization of the data from the production units or machines in your factory can be a tricky challenge. Since, there are still numerous industries that rely on mechanical systems, the collection of data and the incorporation of these machines in to the internet of things can be problematic. Then, linking these machines is one part of the overall process. Once the connection is established, the next step is related to how to use this data for streamlining your industrial unit. The creation of this unified, interconnected and smart system needs to be done carefully if you really want this new technology to bring you dividends.

How SAAB RDS can help you in achieving your goals

As stated earlier, the use of IoT in industrial manufacturing is becoming a norm and an essential feature of all modern factories and industrial manufacturing units. However, achieving this goal is by no means an easy task. The in depth analysis of the IoT process reveals the hidden technical challenges that one will face in this regard. Now, what can you do about this? Fortunately for you, SAAB RDS is here to help you in this quest of yours.

The introduction of IoT to your manufacturing process is a delicate task and there are 4 things to look for in the final product. Firstly, IoT should increase the performance of your plant or factory and thus it will result in increased efficiency. Second aspect is the introduction of real-time anomaly detection and its subsequent rectification. Thirdly, introduction of IoT in your industry should not result in a cyber physical vulnerability in your system. Thus, this new technology should be incorporated in a way that it does not become a liability. Finally, IoT means increased automation and self operation of different machines and moving parts. But, this should not make the work environment hazardous for human interaction.

This overview shows the need of consulting an expert in the field of IoT as well as industrial manufacturing if you want to take advantage of this new technology. SAAB RDS is the global leader in the region with regards to IoT in industrial manufacturing. Our long and illustrious history of projects in this domain shows our competence and aptitude. Furthermore, our list of satisfied clients speaks volumes of the calibre of our team of experts and professionals. The challenges you will face in the introduction of IoT to your industry will be numerous. But, with SAAB RDS by your side, you will not have to worry about anything. We believe in giving our clients peace of mind by providing the best technical services at the best possible rates in the industry. Going for IoT is becoming an industrial requirement with each passing day. So it is better if you make the move now. If you have the industrial leader in IoT like SAAB RDS in your corner, you will have nothing to worry about. This will be the best decision you will make for the future of your company, so talk to us and we will take care of your business needs.

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