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Webinar: “Optimizing Maintenance—Avoiding Waste” by Allied Reliability

Jun 4, 2020

New condition monitoring techniques and technology, coupled with modern delivery methods, offer seemingly endless capability to the modern maintenance and reliability leader. As technologies evolve, we find ourselves with massive amounts of data that can be used to indicate defects in our assets nearer their inception, often in real time, providing us with the opportunity to nip them in the bud. That is, if we really mobilize in a systematic manner to address these defects.

Knowing is not enough. The trap we often find ourselves falling into is becoming starry eyed at the limitless potential. We can easily find ourselves over deploying, under reacting, and with a false sense of security in knowing that “we can find these defects, we have the technology.” To realize the real value of a condition monitoring program, we need to travel the entire loop:

Identify Defect >> Prioritize >> Plan the Response >> Continue to Monitor >> Execute the Response >> Document the Response >> Learn and Improve >> REPEAT

In this presentation, Mike Gehloff, Principal Consultant with Allied Reliability, will discuss what happens after a defect is identified, and how the modern maintenance organization can shape an appropriate response leveraging work execution processes. Some of the common traps that an organization may fall prey to will also be outlined. This presentation will be beneficial to anyone participating in the maintenance and reliability process, including engineering, reliability, and maintenance leaders; maintenance planning and scheduling resources; and those at the front line who participate in efforts to identify, address, and analyze defects on critical assets.

This event is not available anymore. Please visit our E-Learning section to discover interesting resources.