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Aerospace and Defense brochure

The Aerospace and Defense market faces an era of increasing challenges to keep pace with emerging technologies, maintaining and upgrading existing systems, technology localization and development, increasing complexity of designs and test solutions and the need to converge the physical and the digital worlds. Investing in the with technology is key to shorten time to market and be competitive.

6G Brochure

Wireless communications are at the forefront of every current development, both in commercial telecommunications and also aerospace and military applications. 5G and 6G Wireless Research and Prototyping, including topics such as mmWave, Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN), Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO), Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface (RIS), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key area where research is developing faster globally.

Remote Facility Monitoring System
Smart Grid Solutions and Retrofitting for Old Substations

USRP Product Flyer

The NI USRP (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) is a suite of fully user-programmable software defined radios (SDRs) that combine general-purpose processors, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and RF front-ends so that you rapidly can design, prototype, and deploy wireless systems. From low-cost, to high-performance, to rugged deployable, to multichannel, the NI USRP is the most popular and versatile SDR available.

Software Defined Radios Training

Dive into the cutting-edge world of software-defined radio (SDR) with SAAB RDS’s comprehensive training course. Over three days, participants will gain hands-on experience with USRP hardware, explore UHD and GNU Radio, and delve into advanced topics such as RFNoC, spectrum monitoring, and 5G/NR system implementation. Whether you’re configuring hardware, debugging technical problems, or implementing a stereo FM transmitter, this course offers a deep dive into SDR’s capabilities. Ideal for engineers and enthusiasts alike, join us to unlock new possibilities in radio technology.

Remote Facility Monitoring System
Smart Grid Solutions and Retrofitting for Old Substations

Software Defined Radios Whitepaper

Software defined radios (SDRs) are revolutionizing the world of wireless technologies, enabling unprecedented flexibility and adaptability. As the demand for faster and more efficient wireless communication grows, SDRs are emerging as invaluable tools in meeting these challenges headon. In this White paper, we will explore the power of flexibility that SDRs bring to the table and how they are shaping the future of wireless communications.