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Quick Wins and Long-Term Results with Remote Monitoring

Oct 7, 2020

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Remote machine monitoring is changing service models across industries, and service organizations that do not embrace this new technology will rapidly fall behind more savvy competitors.
According to IDC, 23% of manufacturing service leaders have adopted a proactive maintenance approach, focused on product monitoring.


What is Remote Machine Monitoring and how does it work?

Remote Machine Monitoring is about solving problems before they happen.
It is the process by which a machine status, performance and behaviors can be viewed from afar. This enables the team responsible for asset maintenance to:

• Prevent unplanned downtime and to accelerate repair times, which means achieving much higher percentages of uptime

• Improving KPIs such as mean-time to repair (MTTR) and first-time fix rates (FTFR) since it allows technicians to access data that is actionable and timely.

So, remote monitoring is the main pillar of smart manufacturing initiatives. How does it work? It combines IoT Technologies and smart data management, enabling access to the most recent actionable data available. The key point here is actionable data: getting machine vibration analysis data that you can actually turn into more intelligent and robust analytics to help drive smart decisions. It is not only about the sensors; it is about connecting critical equipment to your subject matter experts and to your IT systems as part of a digital transformation IIoT strategy.


What are the results of using Remote Machine Monitoring strategies?

Adopting online or remote machine monitoring technologies for your asset or machine health monitoring has a very clear positive impact on business assets:

• It helps you increase days of production and overall uptime. It also involves a more efficient sparing strategy, which allows to better plan your preventative maintenance schedule, for example, therefore minimizing downtime.

• The reported industry’s Average FTFR is 60% and we have seen companies increase it to over 80% thanks to remote data management and online conditioning strategies.

• It also extends machine lives and increases customer satisfaction, which in turn reflects on your service reputation.

Do you want to see how other companies are using Remote Machine Condition Monitoring?

In this eBook, by our partner PTC, you can explore how companies similar to yours are using already remote monitoring to deliver significant bottom-line business benefits and to enable service-business innovation.

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