Upcoming Quanser Webinars – June 2020

Jun 10, 2020 | Events

The Connected Worker technology is becoming critical for business transformation in the current economic environment. Do you want to know how it applies to your company? You can now access the recording of these webinars where you can learn how this technology can drive the transformation of your business.

QUBE-Servo 2 for Academic Teaching and Research


Mahyar Fotoohi & Michel Levis, Quanser


This webinar will highlight the capabilities of the QUBE-Servo 2 platform, its comprehensive curriculum, and research applications of the system. It will also demonstrate a virtualized version of QUBE-Servo 2 as a part of QLabs Controls.

Date: Thursday, June 18th

Time (AST): 5 pm

Quanser Interactive Labs for Distance & Blended Controls and Robotics Courses


Peter Martin, Quanser


This webinar will demonstrate and discuss the QLabs Controls and QLabs Virtual Robotics content bundles that are the most flexible, engaging, modern approach to distance and blended learning for control systems and robotics.

Date: Thursday, June 25th

Time (AST): 4 pm

Advanced Image Processing Applications in Self-Driving Vehicles Research


Paul Karam & John Pineros, Quanser


This webinar will demonstrate development of advanced image processing applications for QCar in Simulink.

Date: Tuesday, June 30th

Time (AST): 6 pm