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Webinar: Latest Technologies in Electronic Warfare with NI

Jul 1, 2020

Being able to design, prototype and test Electronic Warfare applications fast and accurately is key to Aerospace companies reaching a leading position in the global marketplace. Keeping your aerospace research or industry project on schedule and within budget, while keeping asset failure at a minimum, is a requirement you cannot miss if you want to be a player in this competitive market. Research and Test & Evaluation facilities require cutting edge technologies for emulating complex electromagnetic scenarios based on wideband multichannel acquisition and generation and real-time signal processing of RF/uW signals.

We want to share with you how we are helping companies solve the engineering challenges associated to the modern Radar and EW systems. Please join us and our partners NI and Elettronica for a live session on how Multifunctional and Cognitive sensor capabilities can be operated as software-connected solutions together with function sharing AESA antennas, to allow achieving novel and unprecedented operational capabilities in Radar EW.

This event is not available anymore. Please visit our Learning Resources section to discover interesting resources.


  • Market Trends and Test Challenges in Radar and EW
  • Software Connected Systems: The NI Approach
  • Demo – Radar Target Generator and Radar Signal Simulator
  • Design, Prototype, and Deploy More effectively with SW defined systems
  • Q&A

Join us for this webinar on Thursday, July 16th at 10 am (KSA time) and learn how you can leverage:

  • a customizable off-the-shelf platform
  • software-defined test systems that help you mitigate the risk and balance the need for new requirements and maintain legacy platforms
  • a network of global partners with the right expertise in the Aerospace field

About the Speakers


Mr. Michael Abdallah: Senior Manager and Aerospace and Defense sector Manager at SAAB-RDS. Based in Saudi Arabia, he brings over 15 years of engineering research & industrial consultancy experience. Mr Abdallah has successfully worked with the main Middle East companies in the Aerospace Market.


Mr. Ralph SAAB is the co-founder of SAAB RDS, a technology advisor and solution provider in the Middle East focused on delivering cutting-edge sustainable productivity solutions to industry and research institution. He has more than 20 years of experience in the industrial and automation consultancies in the MENA & Gulf countries.

Mr. Raffaele Fiengo, a senior consultant for EMEA Aerospace, Defense and Government sectors, who brings 20 years of experience in Aerospace and Defense. Currently he is focused on System Level Test of Radar/EW and Parametric Test of Active Electronic Scanned Array (AESA) based systems.

Mr.Farris Alhorr is a Technology Expert & Business Advisor that works as Principal Business Development Manager with NI. Based in Lebanon, he has wide experience in the Middle East market. A patent-holder, Mr Alhorr holds a Master of Business Administration from The University of Texas at Austin and Master of Electrical Engineering from Texas Tech University.

Dr. Massimo Sciotti – Engineering Director. Dr. Sciotti is the Head of Engineering at Elettronica GmbH. He holds a PhD in radar from the University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy, and has extensive experience (20 years) in systems engineering, radar and EW domain. Before joining Elettronica – his experience encompasses several years as business unit leader for engineering consultancy in Defence and Space sectors. Dr. Sciotti acted as radar expert for the European Space Agency / ESOC in Germany for the Space Surveillance Programme, and joined the Fraunhofer FKIE Institute (ex-FGAN) as Team Leader on EW topics. Some of the specific technical highlights are: radar system engineering and radar processing techniques, sensor data fusion and Modelling & Simulation.

Mr. Adrian Adams – Program Manager. Adrian is a Program Manager in Radar / EW T&E Systems at Elettronica GmbH. He holds BSc. Engineering (South Africa) and post graduate qualification in software engineering, and business. Before joining Elettronica GmbH – he spent 15 years leading R&D projects in the defence electronics industry in South Africa with specialisation in radar & EW systems development and delivery internationally: Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) technologies, EW systems and their applications. In addition to EW Systems, he has a research interest in the field of Cognitive EW systems.

This event is not available anymore. Please visit our Learning Resources section to discover interesting resources.