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What Are the Pillars of a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

Oct 21, 2021

As most business owners are well aware, incorporating digital solutions into operations is the only way to ensure survival in today’s economy. If you’ve not yet moved to a digital business model or you believe that your use of new technologies needs to be optimized, you should hire a professional service. Technology enablers can help firms like yours come up with a digital transformation strategy that streamlines your processes.

Digital Transformation Strategy - SAAB RDS

How Does a Digital Transformation Strategy Work?

Transforming a company’s operations to include modern, digital solutions can be a challenge, and it includes a number of different aspects. In addition to creating and sustaining a viable website, you will also move your internal processes to a digital format, and you will need to incorporate security solutions to protect you from cybercriminals.

Once you’ve achieved your digital transformation, you’ll benefit in multiple ways. Most organizations who work with us report that their earnings have increased due to broader exposure, their processes have been streamlined so that employees can be more productive, and their annual maintenance spending has decreased. Let’s have a closer look at the pillars of our strategy and what steps you will go through to transform your business.

Assessing the Current Situation 

You can’t change what you don’t know, so the first thing we’ll do is assess what systems are currently in place. Although some businesses start from scratch, many others have already digitalized some aspects of their operations. We can help you to have a closer look and find out what is working and what isn’t.

Because we are experienced in a number of niches such as energy and power, aerospace and defense, and manufacturing, we are likely to have already worked with a business similar to yours. That way, we can more easily help you figure out what aspects are still lacking and where you might be able to optimize.

Coming Up with a Strategy 

After gaining some insight into your business and how you currently run it, we can then make suggestions about improving it. There are a number of different types of technologies that can increase your efficiency, such as virtual and augmented reality, IoT, or artificial intelligence, and depending on the business you run, we will advise you to incorporate some or all of them.

To do so, we will involve your whole team and educate them about the solutions we provide. For example, we might lead private workshops for your employees, during which we explain what the new technologies are and how they can benefit your business. Alternatively, we can facilitate internal discussions with the decision-makers in your company.

Planning Your Technology Solutions 

Together, your team and our experts will come up with the best ways to incorporate digital solutions into your current business model. We will draw up a comprehensive and long-term plan that focuses on both the initial implementation of new technologies and the ongoing maintenance. If you already have ideas about which types of technology you’d like to buy, we can advise you and make sure you get the maximum return on your investment.

Implementing them Over the Long Term 

During the planning phase of the transformation process, you and your team will come up with a vision of where to take the business in the future. This might include streamlining your operations, offering your customers digital ways to purchase and pay for your products, and incorporating AI and virtual reality to make your processes more efficient.

Once we’ve started implementing these changes, they will need to be maintained and reevaluated on a regular basis. over the long term. That’s why we usually offer a subscription model to our customers. By staying in touch over the long term, we can monitor how the transformation is affecting your business and make changes on a regular basis. It also allows us to update the security systems, so your business isn’t put at risk.

Setting up and implementing a digital transformation strategy is key for businesses in a wide variety of sectors. In fact, it is crucial for survival in an increasingly digitalized world. The best way to assess your current operations, come up with a new strategy, plan its implementation, and put it into practice is to speak to professionals. Call us today at SAAB RDS to find out how we could help you get started.