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What Takes Place During the Digital Transformation Process?

Dec 20, 2021

The digital revolution is here and businesses that want to survive need to keep up with the digital transformation. So how does this process work? The goal of this process is to keep your business adaptable to changes in the status quo by continually upgrading your technology and making changes to the organizational elements of your business to keep up with demand. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
What Takes Place During the Digital Transformation Process

What Takes Place During the Digital Transformation Process?

You can define this process as a fundamental change to your overall business operations, mainly through the integration of new technology into every area of your business. This transformation process also focuses on the culture of your company; while traditional values are a solid foundation for your business management, it’s ideal if your company culture is invested in continual change that keeps up with advances in technology.

There are a few key areas that are vital elements to this process. Whether you’re only just getting started or you’re already in the process of transforming your business, paying attention to these areas will ensure that your transformation process is smooth. These areas include:


Undoubtedly the biggest area for your transformation process will be integrating technology into every aspect of your business. This means taking advantage of technology solutions that benefit the productivity and profitability of your business by streamlining processes, prioritizing automatization, and using artificial intelligence to its fullest extent.

That said, integrating new technology into your current system is a challenge. Data analysts, IT specialists, and other experts are essential for this part of the process, particularly if you are revamping your technology from the bottom up. Employees will need training in how to access networks, remote work technology needs to be assessed, and other technology solutions will need to be added into your operations to make for a smoother transition.


While the technology itself is the vehicle that will change the way you drive the organization of your company, the data your business uses is the fuel. Unstructured data is the single-most abundant source of insight your company has, but most businesses don’t understand how to properly take advantage of this data. Not only that, but many companies aren’t using their current data analysis in a way that will support growth and change.

A huge part of going digital is understanding what data is, how to organize it in a meaningful way, and how to use data insights to make actionable decisions. There are massive amounts of data your company can use about the internal processes of the company and the data behavior of consumers to increase productivity. Employing both effective technology solutions and experts in data analysis is key.


Every business is made of dozens of unique processes for how to get products or services out to consumers. But many processes are inefficient, redundant, or otherwise sluggish in a way that harms the overall operation of your company. Technology solutions can reorient your business to align processes more efficiently. Ideally, every process in your business should be seamlessly connected to other elements that improve the productivity of employees and support new organizational changes.


The final element of this transformation process is organization. Specifically, the organization of your company refers to your human resources – that is, your leaders, your teams, and other elements of your business management. When you are transforming the technology, data, and processes of your company, it’s also essential to ensure that the organization of your business is also on par with these changes.

The best way to support the digital change in your business is to curate employees who have leadership qualities, emotional intelligence, and the skills necessary to keep up with the speed of technology solutions. Human change is just as important as technology change.

Going fully digital isn’t as easy as investing in new technology and hoping it makes your business operations more efficient. Rather, integrating digital and technological changes is a process that necessitates alterations in other key areas of your business, particularly in terms of data, business processes, and company organization. For effective transformation, all four elements need to work seamlessly. To learn more about the digital transformation process, please contact SAAB RDS today.