Webinar: Spectral Data Analysis and Signal Surveillance for Aerospace and Defense

Mar 15, 2021 | Aerospace, Events

Spectral Data Analysis and Signal Surveillance for Aerospace and Defense - SAAB RDS
Spectral Data Analysis and Signal Surveillance for Aerospace and Defense - SAAB RDS

On April 8th we conducted a webinar on Signal Surveillance and Test and Validation for the Military industry in partnership with Novator Solutions, experts in providing test and measurements systems for the Aerospace sector. We discussed the latest technologies in RF, Synchronization and high data rate Signal Processing, covering the topics below.

The recording of the session is now available in our Youtube channel.

You can also request a private session with us to discuss these topics for the particular needs of you company here.


  • Wideband Recorders for radar applications and spectrum monitoring: Gapless wideband recording based on a proven and robust platform.
  • Multichannel receivers: proven narrowband COMINT radios, based on of the shelf components: By using a wideband source as front-end and internally process hundreds of narrowband channels, you can monitor a wide spectrum and listen to hundreds of signals instantaneous.
  • Demo HUGIN 200: small footprint multichannel receiver with 4 independent 80MHz tuners sharing up to 512 individually configurable DDCs. The Server/Client architecture is optimized for real-time performance which continuously streams individual channels in parallel to multiple remote computers & servers.
  • Demo MUNIN 1005-IF: the latest wideband IF recording platform which ensures gapless recording of narrowband and wideband IF signals from 2MHz to 600MHz real-time bandwidth.
  • Q&A

About the speakers


Mr. Michael Abdallah

Mr. Michael Abdallah

Senior Manager and Aerospace and Defense sector Manager at SAAB-RDS

Based in Saudi Arabia, he brings over 15 years of engineering research & industrial consultancy experience. Mr Abdallah has successfully worked with the main Middle East companies in the Aerospace Middle East Market.


Mr. Lars Hedlund

Mr. Lars Hedlund

Sales Manager for the Spectral Data Analysis department at Novator Solutions

Based in Stockholm, Sweden. Before starting his position at Novator Solutions Mr Hedlund worked as the account manager in the Aerospace and Defense sector in Sweden for a world leading test and measurement supplier. Today, Mr Hedlund covers the worldwide sales for Novator Solutions and acts as COMINT product manager.