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Energy of the Future

Energy of the future | Energy 4.0 Integration

Our solutions integrate the 4 leading industrial technologies:

Artificial Intelligence:

(Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks)

  • Simple Regression.
  • Simple Classification.
  • 1D signal classification.
  • 1D Signal Regression.
  • Image Recognition.
  • AI based power quality analyses:
    • Voltage, current – RMS, Frequency
    • Harmonics (up to 64th order)
    • Active, reactive and apparent power
    • Power factor
    • Vector diagram

Augmented Reality:

  • 3D Models of the trainer’s modules.
  • Digital Twin of the trainers.
  • AR for IIoT features.
  • AR User Manual.
  • Monitoring and Control from AR models.

Mixed Power Microgrids:

  • FPGA based Real Time HIL.
  • Simulation of various generation plants.
  • Simulation of power transmission and distribution.
  • Simulation of complex loads.
  • Simulation of a network grid.
  • Real Power in the Loop.
  • Mixed-grid trainer by mixed combination of PLE hardware trainers with HIL systems.

Industrial IoT:

  • Introduction to Sensors and Actuators.
  • Introduction to Data Acquisition and Control.
  • Conversion of Sensor’s Data to Physical Quantities.
  • Statistical Analysis.
  • Transmission and Reception of Data.
  • PLE Trainers bidirectional data communications with IIoT gateways.
Energy of the future - Energy 4.0 Integration

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